Protein Scones – by Ariel


9g unflavored pea protein (I used numma sutra brand in the US)
4g coconut flour
22 g liquid pasteurized egg whites
18g 2% Greek yogurt
3G chia seeds
25g garbanzo beans
5g candied walnuts
7g crumbled goat cheese
5g baking Splenda (or truvia…but the Splenda gives it a airier feeling)
butter extract
vanilla extract
1/2tsp…like a few drops stevia extract if you want it super sweet…
pinch salt/baking powder


Put the pea protein, coconut flour, baking powder, salt and Splenda all tougher….then mix the egg white, yogurt and chia in a ramekin by itself and let it gel…then add extracts and stevia….take the garbanzo beans..make sure they Re patted dry and then cut them in to the dry “flour” mixture….like one cuts butter into scones, until it looks like below….after the wet mixture has gelled then you take a fork and lightly fold it into the dry, add the walnuts and goat cheese until combined….put in the oven for 35 min at 350 until top is golden brown…let cool for ten minutes and enjoy! I top mine with grass fed butter sometimes or eat it straight up :)

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