Hi! Welcome to a brand new page dedicated to creative snacks you can make using our new Protein Pow cookie dough. I will be filling this page out with any/all things cookie dough: truffles, cookie cakes, cookie dough protein ice cream, the works! I will also be sharing your own creations (with your blessing, of course) using our cookie dough so please tag them on social media using #proteinpow and we’ll be sure to post them on here too!

Let us begin with some good’ ol fashioned cookie dough brownies! You can find the recipe for them here!

Want to try some cookie dough bites? Boom! Check this out!

Want to try your cookie dough chopped into ice cream? Give this a go!

How about your dough surrounding ice cream? Try this!

Cookie dough with cake? Give this a go!

How about cookie dough with chickpeas to make it nice and creamy? Give this a whirl!

Finally, a fan of eating it plain? This one’s for you!

Feeling like something indulgent? Try this!