Magical Peach Protein Fluff – by Sarah

1 IMG_3564 IMG_3584 This peachy protein fluff is not only protein powerful but also magically fluffy. The egg whites make this fluffy, bouncy, and so strong they can even hold up your spoon.

The Power of Peach – a magical protein fluff


•2 tbsp whey protein powder (must be fat free. I use a 100% whey with no other additives)

•1 tbsp casein protein powder

•1/2 cup cartoned egg whites

•1/4 tsp cream of tar tar

•1 tsp xanthan gum

•1 tsp powdered sweetener (I use stevia)

•1/2 cup crushed frozen peaches slightly thawed (about 5 minutes outside of the freezer should do the trick)

• Saffron threads (for decorating)


1) Add egg whites and cream of tar tar to a CHILLED mixing bowl and mix on high until stiff peaks form (around 2 min)

2) Add all remaining ingredients EXCEPT for the crushed berries. Mix on high for 2 minutes. The peaks will slightly collapse, but don’t worry they will come back after the next step.

3) Add the crushed frozen peaches. Mix on high for 3-4 more minutes or until firm peaks are reformed.

4) Spoon out into a massive bowl and sprinkle with saffron threads for decoration and extra flavour.

This protein fluff is so firm it even balances on your finger. Now that is something only a protein wizard can do!