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Published in 2015, The Ultimate Protein Powder Cookbook represents an encyclopaedia of protein cooking. This internationally best-selling cookbook – the first of its kind – is perfect for those wanting to experiment with their protein powders to create all sorts of both sweet and savory foods: from quiches to ice cream, from bars to high-protein pasta sauces. This book has something for everyone!

You can find recipes for whey protein powder, casein protein powder, pea protein powder, rice protein powder, egg protein powder, hemp protein powder and more. All recipes are gluten-free and vegan options are available. However, the book is not entirely vegan as it contains several recipes that rely on dairy-based protein like whey and casein as well as eggs, yogurt, and cream cheese.

In 2018, The Ultimate Protein Powder Cookbook was saw its second edition which you can now buy on our Protein Pow Shop as well as pretty much all bookstores worldwide – and Amazon websites. It’s flexi-bound and slightly shorter than the first edition pictured above.

This book is perfect to keep in the kitchen and consult whenever you want to be creative and think outside the shake! On the cover of this second edition of the Ultimate Protein Powder Cookbook is one of the recipes inside the book, a recipe for protein pizza. Protein pizza is extremely quick and easy to make, it’s delicious, and it represents a fun way to use one’s protein powders in the kitchen. Give it a go!

PROTEIN POW COOKBOOKAnna’s latest cookbook is called Protein Pow: Quick and Easy Recipes. Unlike the one before it, this book involves no baking at all. It also only uses three protein powders: whey, pea, and hemp, all of them unflavored.

The recipes inside it all ‘all-natural’ in the sense that they use very little by way of artificial sweeteners and artificial flavors. This book is a good starting point for anyone wanting to make snacks in under 10 minutes! It includes recipes for protein cups, protein bars, protein truffles, protein pancakes, and protein mug cakes (i.e. cakes you make in a mug, in the microwave, in under 5 minutes).

This book has more vegan options than the previous Protein Pow cookbook though it does contain recipes using whey protein. There’s a handy chart for ingredient substitutions at the front so you can experiment with your ingredients, flavors, and recipes. Like the book before it, this book is completely gluten-free.

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