Chocolate & Espresso Protein Cookies – by Kat

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40g (6T+2tsp) almond meal (unblanched)
5T (25g) cocoa powder
3 scoops (93g) casein (I use @musclepharm)
1/3c (37g) oat fiber*
1/2c unsweetened apple sauce
2/3c (150g) greek yogurt
3 shots (7oz) expresso
2 spoons instant coffee


Mix dry ingredients an liquid ingredients separately➡️
Add wet to dry and mix well (it’ll be a thick dough, more liquid might be needed) ➡️
Using an ice cream scoop take large scoops of batter and flatten out on a greased baking tray -OR- press into 8in round pan➡️
Bake at 300F for 45 min (they may seem undone, they should be gooey and soft, but once they cool down they’ll solidify into wonderful chewy cookies)

*I realize oatfiber is not an ingredient many people have, I think it can be replaced in THIS recipe 1:1 but the liquids and cooking time may have to adjust. It will also change the macros. I haven’t tried this so no guarantees.

Macros (per one out of 15): 51cal, 1.7f, 5.2c (3.2 fiber), 7p