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Protein Fluff Recipe
I made some fluff post-workout yesterday, posed for some artsy photos, and devoured it.

Best Protein Fluff Recipe Protein Pow
It’d been a while since I’d actually made fluff! Whenever I make it anew I remind myself to make it more: it’s just sensational! So fluffy, so enjoyable, and perfect for chasing up a good workout.

Protein Fluff Recipe
To make protein fluff, all you need are three ingredients: frozen fruit, whey protein, and milk (I use almond milk but any milk works). You then also make an electrical blender/whisker. I use an immersion hand-held blender that has a blender head and a whisking head.

The directions for making fluff are simple:

BEST PROTEIN FLUFF RECIPEJust blend everything together, paying close attention to your mixture not being too wet (you want to avoid adding too much milk because, if you do, your fluff won’t actually fluff – it’ll just turn into a smoothie). The trick to getting it right is blending exactly where the fruit meeds the powder, that way you end up with a bit of an ice cream texture right off the bat. As soon as all the ingredients are blended, you then whisk for 3-5 minutes. It sounds like a long time but really, the more you whisk, the airier your fluff!

You need to eat fluff right away is the only thing – if you leave it, it turns into a smoothie. That’s because, over time, the air leaves the fluff. So you can’t refrigerate or freeze it – you have t heat it all as soon as you make it.

To make a single-serving bowl of fluff, what I do is use about 1/4 to 1/2 bag of frozen fruit (with a bag being 500g). I then add about half of that amount in whey protein and a tiny tiny tiny slash of milk – just enough so that, when I am blending, the mixture actually blends.

I created a video for your youtube channel so you can see how fluff is made:

Please note the angry comments in the video where people say the recipe has broken their blenders.

Note those comments because I want you to avoid breaking yours too. See, the reason blenders break (or ‘burn out’ rather) is because people are blending without paying attention to not clogging their blenders’ blades. If your mixture is stuck: don’t keep going! Stop what you’re doing, unclog your blades, and add a bit more milk – EXACTLY where the blender is blending – if the mixture isn’t moving at all. Some blenders are weaker than others so you have to really pay attention to making sure your blade is actually blending. Otherwise, if it’s stuck and you end up trying to blend, the fuse will blow. No bueno.

Please note: 

Many people have asked me over the years if making a dairy free and vegan protein fluff is possible. I’ve always said no because, using the exact same ingredients in the exact same ration but subbing whey for veggie protein doesn’t work. However, yesterday I found a video by someone who made vegan protein fluff using xanthin gum and it looks very very interesting. Check it out here! I am going to give it a go and report back for you guys to let you know if it does indeed work (and if it’s nice of course!) So stay tuned.

And as always, if you have any comments/questions drop me a line in the comments below or DM me on instagram! Always happy to help.

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