Lemon & Meringue Protein Balls

Coconut and Lemon Protein Balls Recipe

Here’s a guest recipe I just got in the mail from the amazing Carly, from Gluten Free B, pictured here on top of a truffle! Mic over to Carly (who by the way, said of our new unflavoured one-ingredient whey that “I’m a total convert to unflavoured whey – the others taste so artificial and over-sweet to me now!” Yassss!!!!! This is exactly why I launched it! I don’t think most people realize, I certain didn’t back in the day, how much better unflavoured whey is, you know? Without all those flavors, sweeteners, and blablablas!)


45g  almond butter
25g unflavoured 1-ingredient Pow whey
15g desiccated coconut (plus extra for rolling)
15g agave syrup
1-2tsp lemon juice
A splash of (almond) milk if too dry
Plus (optional) 2 crushed mini meringues- I found these incredible lemon flavour ones in M&S!


Mix together, adding the meringue pieces at the end, shape into 6 balls and roll in extra coconut.

Macros per ball: approx 90kcal 6g fat/3g carbs/5.5g protein each.


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