4 Ingredient Whey Protein Ice Cream


I’m ALL about protein ice cream these days! It’s just SO easy to make, you know? It’s one of those things that protein powder is PERFECT for, especially at this time of the year. You do NOT need an ice cream maker to make protein ice cream! All you need is a bit of time and a big appetite.

To make this ice cream right here, grab a banana, some cottage cheese, vanilla (or unflavored) whey protein, and freeze-dried berries. If you don’t have freeze-dried berries, just add date chunks or banana pieces of dried apple chunks? The recipe is extremely simple! There’s a video below to prove it. It goes like this:


1 cup cottage cheese
1 big frozen (peeled) banana
1/2 cup of vanilla whey (see note 1 below if you want to go unflavored)
2 tbsp freeze-dried berries of your natural flavor of choice


1. Blend everything together.
2. Stick it a big tupperware.
3. Freeze for 30-50 mins.
4. Take out of the freezer and churn (i.e. mix around with a spoon or fork).
5. Stick it back in the freezer for another 30-50.
6. Take it out and churn it again.
7. Scoop it.
8. Eat it (See Note 2 below)

Macros per 1/2 a batch: 269.5kcals, 38g protein, 20g carbs, 4.8g fat.

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1. If you want to use unflavored whey, you’ll need to add some kind of sweetener. Stevia drops or coconut sugar would be great but whatever you prefer really. If you don’t, it’ll just be a bit… tart, especially if you flavor it with unsweetened berries like I did!

2. Because this ice cream is really low in fat and devoid of any emulsifiers, gums, and thickeners, you shouldn’t let it just sit in the freezer for hours or days before eating it because it’ll be… ROCK SOLID. So either eat it after the second churn OR, if you do want to eat it at a later date, remove it from the freezer and let it thraw before you churn it again and eat it.