Chocolate, Butterscotch & Coconut Vegan Protein Cheesecake


I’m a big fan of three ingredient protein cheesecake crusts. They’re simple, they’s quick, they’re delicious, and they’re perfect for protein cheesecakes. I normally make them by mixing together 1. ground almonds + 2. honey or agave + 3. nut butter.

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But what do you do when, for whatever reason, you don’t want to (or can’t) use any nuts. Do you then walk away from the three ingredient protein cheesecake crust and bohoohoo your way to something mediocre? No. You don’t. You just substitute the ground almonds for rolled oats and the nut butter for a seed butter. So your crust ends up being 1. rolled oats (gluten-free or regular) + 2. sunflower seed or pumpkin seed butter + 3. honey, agave (or Sweet Freedom). Those three ingredients combined will yield a crust that is just as good (if not better) than that which you get by combining ground almonds + nut butter + syrup.

IMG_0509 copyThe only bad part about making three ingredient cheesecake crusts is that they’re really tasty. So you sometimes end up eating more of the batter than initially intended. It tastes kind of like cookie dough, you know? And cookie dough has magnetic powers…

IMG_0627 copyAs you’ll see from the ingredients below, the filling for this cheesecake is vegan (as is the crust and topping). If you don’t care to make your cheesecake vegan though, or if you just can’t find the coconut yogurt and/or the pea protein powder that I used to make it, that’s OK. Don’t worry. Just use some quark +/- cream cheese instead of the coconut yogurt and casein instead of pea protein powder. Ready to rumble? Here goes:


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