Intra-Workout Jelly – a Guest Recipe by Ben Coomber


Welcome to a guest post by my old-time buddy Ken Boomber, aka Ben Coomber, aka Coocoomber (here’s us chilling with Layne Norton earlier this year and here’s us at Body Power with Ben’s lookalike mustachiod brothah, Jack). If you’ve never heard of Ben, you can start by listening to his podcast here. It’s one of the most popular nutrition and fitness podcasts in the UK! I actually co-hosted the first 73 episodes with Ben so, if you subscribe, you can hear me raving lyrical about any and all things health and fitness too (side note: I left after episode 73 but went back recently, as a guest, to record episode 104 where I talked about pregnancy in the context of fitness and nutrition). Ben does more than host a podcast though, he is the head of Body Type Nutrition and the creator and owner of Transdermal Technology aka TDT – a company dedicated to creating pre and and post workout supplements that are delivered transdermally, as opposed to orally. Anyways… enough from me; mic over to you, Kenny!


Thanks Anna! 

So, lets talk food, that’s why you are all here, to get ideas and creative snippets to whip up some interesting concoctions in the kitchen. Now, while many of you may eat what you create in the kitchen, this recipe is for something that I want you to eat at the gym, while you work out. “What, eating in the gym while you work out,” he says? Yup, that’s exactly what I’m saying: instead of having an intra-workout drink, I want you to eat it. Let me explain, beginning first with a discussion of ‘Workout Food’ because that’s what’s going to be the basis of our intra-workout feast.

When it comes to training to maximum intensity, we can make an argument for two key compounds: 1. protein to negate any potential muscle loss and to augment an anabolic environment (this only happens via a few signals as training is largely a catabolic process, but it’s worth doing nonetheless) and 2. carbohydrate to provide fast-acting raw fuel (this is key when training at a high intensity). The protein in Workout Food is PeptoPro and the carbohydrate is Cyclic Dextrin – both are the fastest-acting protein and carbs you can consume. They’re perfect to have intra-training.

So, straight away we need to make a rationale for this recipe. Who is my recipe for? It is for people training for strength and hypertrophy, or people training in the glycolytic energy pathway (training lasting longer than around 10-15 seconds at any given time). To answer that even simpler, we could cover who it is not for, strength and power trainers training in the gym training at 5 reps or less. This is due to their need for carbohydrates, or added carbohydrates (fast acting) being very low, and thus they could choose to make an amino jelly as opposed to a workout food type jelly.

Next question, when to eat it?

As you enter the gym and you start to get changed and think about warming up, this is the time to start munching. As you start to get into your working sets the ingredients will then be hitting your blood stream and thus proving your muscles with raw fuel to use. I would then make sure you finish it 15-20 minutes before the end of your workout so that all the fuel is used at the time of training. As well as Workout Food providing protein and carbohydrates, it also contains other agents that can improve workout performance such as electrolytes and Citrulline Malate.

Oops, I’m 5 paragraphs in and I haven’t told you what you are actually going to eat. Apologies, Jelly. Now I bet I have your attention, who wouldn’t want to eat jelly while they get their squats in. So, how do we make Workout Food Jelly?

10721164_10154714558840013_1358329566_n 954570_10154714559085013_1185143083_nIngredients

61g (2scoops) Genetic Workout Food
2 Green Tea Bags
1 500ml of Fruit Juice of choice (I chose fresh Apple)
2 Sachets of Gelatin (24g)


1. Add 500ml of water to a pan with 2 green tea bags and bring to the boil then turn off.

2. Remove teabags and add Gelatin and mix thoroughly.

3. Once fully dissolved, add to a blender 10537482_10154714549745013_1083056562_nwith the juice and Workout Food.

4. Add to 2-4 containers depending on your training demands, and set in the fridge overnight, decoration berries are very much optional!

Macros per 1/4 of the above: 128.75kcals, 12.63g protein, 18.65g carbs!

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