The Ultimate Protein Powder Cookbook: A Giveaway!



Welcome to a giveway for a signed copy of the new Protein Pow Cookbook (this beast). If you already have a copy of the book, well… enter the giveaway to win one for a friend or loved one too!

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment below this post letting me know what Protein Pow means to you. You can write anything you want, e.g. how/when you found Protein Pow, what you like about it, what you’ve made from it, what you want more of, where you want to see the brand go, etc.

On the last day of this month, I’ll pick THREE winners (I figured three because one is the loneliest number, you know? Hehe.) I will announce who the winners are in the comments section of this post so please come back on December 1st and see if your name is on the list. Note: Since our Protein Pow community is global, there’s no geographical limit for who can enter the giveaway; I’ll ship the book anywhere in the world.

Thanks, guys!

Thanks for joining our giveaway but most importantly, thank you for helping me build such an amazing fitness, nutrition, and food-adoring community. Thank you for supporting Pow over the years and for making it what it is today. I was actually reminiscing about this today on facebook: about how far Protein Pow has come in the last few years! And how so much of its growth has been largely thanks to you guys cooking along with me, engaging with Pow, and playing with my recipes the way they were meant to be played with. I cannot WAIT to share the next few steps of Protein Pow’s journey with you!

Much love,JKAS


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