Chicken Tacos with Low-Carb Protein Tortillas

Chicken Tacos - with Low-Carb Protein Tortillas

If you were to ask me whether I like tacos more than pizza, I would say I don’t know – I can’t choose between them. I would say I like them both the same. If you were to then insist and threaten violence if I don’t provide you with an answer, I would probably end up tossing a coin in my head and giving you a random one.

LOW CARB PROTEIN TORTILLASChances are you’d narrow your eyes and look at me suspiciously for a couple of minutes, trying to assess whether what I just told you was the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Man… I swear I’d give you my best performance. I’d even try to convince myself while I looked at you unfalteringly, unshaken, and sternly: full-on cowboy-style. I’d stare at you like this until you dropped your question and accepted my answer as true. But you know what? I’d be lying. I’m sorry. I’d be lying because I can’t choose between tacos and pizza. I just can’t. I love them both in equal measure! In a way they’re kind of like family, you know? Both feature some sort of ‘bready’ vehicle for amazing toppings, both can be eaten without cutlery, and both deliver a tremendous amount of nom… nom… NOMMMMMMMMMMMM! Look for example here:


1/4 cup liquid egg whites
1/4 cup hemp seeds
2 tbsp milk (any you like)
2 tbsp pea protein powder
1 tbsp of psyllium husks
1 tsp green-chile powder
Sea salt to taste

Topping ingredients

Refried beans with Chipotle
Pulled chicken breast
Chopped tomato
Sour cream
Grated cheese


1. First, mix all your tortilla ingredients together. I used a fork because I wanted to end up with a textured and hearty kind of tortilla but if you want your tortillas to be nice and smooth, blitz the stuff in either a food processor or with a handheld blender.

2. Turn the heat under your non-stick pan to HOT and add some coconut oil or low-cal cooking spray to it. PLEASE (and this is very important) – PLEASE – make sure you’re using a PROPERLY nonstick pan. You won’t be able to make these if your pan has a tendency to get things to stuck on it. The reason you MUST use a nonstick pan is because you’re cooking the tortillas on high heat and doing it quickly so you can’t afford for anything to stick. If something sticks, that’s it. You might as well throw the towel onto the floor and walk out of the kitchen (after turning off the hob).

3. Once your pan is sizzling hot, spoon about 1/8 cup of the tortilla mix on the center of the pan and quickly spread it around with a spatula. If, for whatever reason, your mixture is WAY too thick, gloopy, and unspreadable, add a bit more egg whites to it so you get to a more spreadable consistency. I suggest making small-ish as opposed to gigantic tortillas because they’re easier to flip.

4. When your first tortilla has cooked though (and you’ll be able to tell because, well, it’ll look cooked) flip it. It won’t take very long at all.

5. Move on to make the other two tortillas.

Macros per tortilla, out of three (without the toppings as these are up to you): 115kcals, 11g protein, 4g carbs (out of which 3 is fiber so net carbs = 1g!) and 6g fat.


The way I make pulled chicken breast is really simple: I just boil the chicken breasts for 8 minutes (or until they’re cooked through). I then let them cool and take them apart with a fork. This is great if you’re mixing your chicken with sauces or using it for tacos. It’s also probably the easiest – and healthiest – way to cook chicken since you’re not adding anything to it. Obviously I don’t recommend just boiling the chicken and munching it solo because that’s a bit, well… ridiculously bland. If you’re using your chicken in sauces and tacos though – or  in salads even – boiling it first is fantastic though!


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