Protein Power Bombs

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As most of you probably know, I’ve been writing a monthly column for Muscle & Fitness magazine since January of 2013. In that time, my column has moved from the back of the magazine to the front and gotten a lot better – in terms of its layout, design, and overarching aesthetic. My recipes and photography too have markedly improved in that period and all my columns are now linked to my new cookbook, which Muscle & Fitness stock in their online store. So our relationship has evolved – you could say we’ve gone from a casual coffee to a full-blown steady liaison.

And it’s an absolute pleasure to work with Muscle & Fitness magazine. It’s a pleasure and an honor because, for a long time, Muscle & Fitness has been one of my favorite fitness magazines – never mind that it’s geared towards guys and whenever I buy it the people behind the counter look at me like a topless-dude-ogling-perv. I choose Muscle & Fitness above most other magazines because it provides quality advice and information on strength training and what one could call the the ‘lifestyle’ surrounding it. And it does this without delving into the insufferable domains of ‘broscience.’ Muscle & Fitness magazine also regularly features a lot of people I know and respect in the fitness industry (i.a. Steve Cook, Nicola Joyce, Andeeeeh, Boxy, James St Leger, Grenade Jay, etc). So it feels like family, the whole thing. And who doesn’t like hanging out with family, right? OK. Some of you may not and sometimes I don’t either but… you get my gist. They’re all awesome people.

Anyways, the reason I’m telling you guys about Muscle & Fitness is because this post is about the latest of my articles to hit newstands in the UK, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Australia. It’s a recipe for Protein ‘Power Bombs’ and I think you’ll really like it! Why? Because it’s easy, quick, delicious, and delivers one hell of a BOOOOM to the system. Like all my recipes in M&F, this one’s in grams but you can easily translate it into cups and tablespoons by using this handy little conversion chart I created and linked to the INFO tab in the top Menu Bar here at

Here’s the recipe – alongside all the rest that have so far been published in Muscle & Fitness as well as other magazines! Do bookmark that page – it’s called – because new features are being added there every month. Righty-oh. That’s it for me for now.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Tune back here to in a couple of hours because I’m going to pull the curtains then to unveil a competition unlike ANY you’ve ever seen hosted here at Protein Pow. You’ll want to see this one. You’ll want to play. And you’ll DEFINITELY want to win.


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