Whey Protein Panna Cotta

Like an anniversary that always find itself fading from the calendar until it’s too late and no preparations have adequately been made until “ah shoot, was it today?!, I always forget about Defrost Your Freezer Day. As soon as I remember about it, I reschedule it for ‘sometime in the future’ and then always somehow manage to forget. Well, HA! not today.

Today, Defrost your Freezer day was embraced fully. Out came the protein ice cream (I ate it), out came the coffee, and out came… two and a half cups of frozen raspberries. I stared at the raspberries thinking about what could be done with them. They first screamed ‘smoothy!’ (as frozen berries do when they reach a critical mass) and then yelled ‘fluff!’ but I wasn’t really listening; I wanted something else. I stuck them in a bowl and then, after tasting a couple and deciding they were a bit sour, I threw in a banana.

Stared some more and in came two scoops of vanilla whey accompanied by the always faithful blender. Blending it all, it resembled fluff and for a second I thought about just making some fluff but no, my goal was to make something for ‘later’ (i.e. for tonight). So… gelatin saved the day. I dissolved a pack of unflavored gelatin in hot water and mixed it all in with the berrynana protein mix. Divided it into four ramekins and stuck it in the turned-off fridge not really knowing if it was structurally sound enough to set. I let it hang out in the fridge for a few hours, took one out, dug in and… ou la la! Yum.

It congealed into a really nice fruit… panna cotta pudding! (I’d say a protein panna cotta but since I didn’t flip it onto a plate I feel like that’d be cheating the nomenclature, hehe).


2.5 cups raspberries
2 scoops vanilla whey
1 banana
1 pack unflavored gelatin (11g)
1 glass of HOT water (to dissolve the gelatin)


 Blend the berries + banana in a bowl and, in a separate bowl, dissolve the gelatin with the hot water. Then, whisk the gelatin with the fruit et al and stick it all in the fridge!

Macros per Serving (out of 4):

13.7g protein
15.5g carbos (7.5g sugars/5.2g fiber)
1.3g fat 

It was delicious, really, totally custardy, nommm, and, I must add, absolutely awesome as a preworkout snack! I reckon the same thing is doable with all kinds of fruits, just as it is with milk instead of water if you want it to be more flanlike? Ay, wahoooo!

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