Protein Jaffa Cakes

PROTEIN JAFFA CAKESAs you may or may not know, I used to write a monthly column for Muscle & Fitness magazine (before the UK branch of the magazine went caput and was substituted by the US version). I wrote for the magazine since… December 2012! Here are all of my recipe articles. And I loved working with them because it gave me a chance to share new and exciting recipes with the audience of, what I think, is one of the coolest fitness mags out there. It’s certainly one of the best ones when it comes to fitness and nutrition, even though it’s geared towards a predominately male audience. So I buy it. I buy it even though the people at the store often raise an eyebrow when they see me put my pack of chewing gum and a magazine bearing a… well-proportioned, muscular, and always half-naked dude on their counter (I buy the chewing gum just to have an extra purchase, you know, so it’s not JUST the magazine? Hehe, I’m jk).

In all seriousness though, I buy M&F because there’s nothing better available, certainly not in the women’s section. You see, we don’t have Fitness Rx for Women here in the UK, or Oxygen magazine, or Muscle & Fitness ‘for Her.’ What we get instead is a bunch of lurid publications filled “OH MY GOD! X CELEBRITY HAS CELLULITE!” or “LOSE 20 POUNDS BY SUMMER/CHRISTMAS” (by eating a ridiculously low number of calories) or “TOTAL-BODY TONING WORKOUTS!” (with 2kg weights – max – because anything heavier will make you ‘bulky’, right?) You get the idea. There’s just not much solid information about fitness and nutrition in the world of female magazines *sigh*.

That’s why, whenever I’m off on a train journey and need to pick up something to read, I turn to Muscle & Fitness. Phil Learney has a smashing column on it too and Andy Mac is in it a lot, as is my friend Nicola Joyce! And James St Leger (who posted a guest recipe here on Protein Pow a few months back, check it out!) is on frequently as well. Steve Cook (who I made Protein Fluff with last spring, here’s the album) was also on its cover a few issues ago. So it’s full of the cool people, see? Hehe ;-) And you know what else it’s full of? AWESOME RECIPES! Like this one, for Jaffa Cakes. You will absolutely FLIP OUT when you make these, even if say, you’re not from the UK so you don’t know what a Jaffa Cake is. These are just so delicious. Seriously. I won’t even try to describe them. You just HAVE to make them. HAVE to. OK? Promise you will. Promise. OK? Was that a yes? You will? You HAVE to. Because the dark chocolate with the orange and ohh so soft cakey bottom is just from another world, from another galaxy entirely. Fwaaaa… OK. OK. I’ll stop before I descend into the domain of chaos, hyperbole, and nonsensical expletives followed by an off-putting amount of exclamation marks. Here’s the piece, with the recipe on it. Feel free to print it out:

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