The Great Flood of 2013

Last night, as I was moving my boxes of cookbooks to the second floor to prevent them getting soaked in what I thought would be a catastrophic deluge, I went into my kitchen and looked at all the protein powders. I stood there for a while, looking at them… and I thought to myself,
“Well… if the kitchen floods COMPLETELY, I should save ONE tub of protein powder.”
It took me a while to decide which one but eventually I grabbed one and took it upstairs (to sit next to my books, laptop, camera, a bunch of papers, a giant painting I made of my dad which everyone makes fun of but I love, and my gym bag filled with vibrams, my polar, etc).
This morning, I was woken up by sunshine. I went to my window confused, ready to find a scene from Waterworld and instead found… nothing. It was a beautiful autumn day. Windy, yes, but completely dry and sunny. So I moved all 30 boxes of books back downstairs (400kgs!), the painting of my dad, my gym bag, and I placed my tub of powder where it belongs – in the kitchen, amongst the dozen or so powders almost like it… but not quite the same.
Which leads me to ask you… which protein powder would YOU save, if, say, you had access to every single one available in the market today and could save only one? Share your pick here! And let’s see how many of us pick the same one ;-)

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