Christmas Protein Strongmen Cookies


I read an article the other day saying that people are increasingly making their own gifts to give to loved ones this Christmas – stuff like homemade jam and nut butters, personalized calendars, hand-knitted scarves, homemade candles, customized gift boxes and so on (here’s a pretty cool list of ideas). Which got me thinking, why not Protein Strongmen Cookies?
I mean, haven’t you always wanted to give someone a protein cookie shaped like a strongman (or five of them)? Haven’t you always wanted to eat one (or all five)? Well, whether you have or you haven’t, now you can! Because my second column is up and tells you exactly how to make them and let me tell you: they’re strongly delicious. It also features a recipe for Pumpkin Protein Pie with a protein crust. I suggest you try both because, the cookies especially make for an awesome gift to give to someone this Christmas – wrap them in a nice plastic bag, add a bow and BOOM: ho-ho-ho!