Fig & Vanilla Whey Protein Bars

I love figs. In fact, one of my earliest memories involves me sitting in my grandparents’ patio in Mexico City eating figs – or σύκα, as I then knew them. ‘Se llaman higos’, my grandma told to me in Spanish: ‘HIGOS.’ I remember this so well! Sitting there repeating the word HIGOS while munching these juicy and deliciously-treacly figs. That’s how ‘higos’ became my first word in Spanish and that summer, I swear, I must have said it more than a thousand times! I’d point at their blossoming fig-tree and scream HIGOS! HIGOS! HIGOS! until an adult would pull one down for me to silence the incessant yelling, hehe. This was 1985 and I’ve been a die-hard fig-fan since ;-) So why haven’t I uploaded more fig recipes? Well… because I normally eat them either solo or dunked in a bowl of yogurt; I don’t normally ‘cook’ with them. Today though, as I walked into the kitchen to steam some veg, I noticed that a fig was sitting in front of a tub of vanilla powder. That’s when: BOOM! the following formula just hit me: fig + vanilla + dark chocolate = AAAAA! Welcome to this recipe.


1 big fat juicy fig
1/2 cup vanilla whey
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
3 tablespoons oats
2 tablespoons coconut flour (or ground almonds)
1/4 cup  Kara coconut milk


1. Mixed together in a bowl with a spoon until your mix looks like THIS

2. What I did was first mix all the ingredients above and then proceed to divide the mixture into two – in order to shape it into two bars (this is what the bars looked like).

3. Then, I moved on to melt 25g of my all time favorite 100% dark chocolate, in a bain marie (a glass bowl on top of a pot of boiling water).

4. When the chocolate melted, I dunked my bars in there to coat them roughly (click here to see how I did it) and then finished coating them by spooning melted chocolate on top of cover in order to cover all the bars’ naked bits (will post a video of this tomorrow!)

5. The last thing I did was stick the bars in the freezer for 30 minutes after wich I took them out and proceeded to violently devour one of them.

Macros per bar (out of 2): 

240 kcals
20g protein
19g cabs
9.9g fat
7.8g fiber

How were the bars? Oh sweet nom!  nom nom nom! You get so much sweetness from the fig and then this gorgeous crunch crunch crunch from the fig seeds which mmmmm, combined with the vanilla and subtle coconut from the milk and flour? It’s a sensation, oh la la! And all this encased by rich and bitter 100% chocolate. What more could one ask for in a protein bar! Maybe walnuts? Next time.

PS – What did we learn from this post? 1. That figs and vanilla protein bars are AMAZING and you should try them; 2. That figs in Greek are called a σύκa, pronounced: SEE-kah; 3. That figs in Spanish are called ‘higos’, pronounced: EEH-gohs. See how educational my posts can be? hehe

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