A Feta Cheese Stuffed Protein Pancake Sandwich

Protein Quesadilla

If you, like me, have a soft spot for feta cheese and you like your breakfasts (or snacks) to be comprised primarily of protein and fat (with a good amount of fiber thrown into the mix), you’re going to love this recipe! It actually has a lot of family in this blog. Yup, this recipe is a direct descendent of my Feta Protein Quesadilla Pancakes. There are two things I want to bring your attention to before I dive into the ingredients list though.


2 egg whites
1 whole egg
1 tablespoon psyllium husks
1 tablespoon Vegan Protein Powder blend (Unflavored)Directions:

1. Whisk ingredients together and pancake fry on a non stick pan.

2. When the pancake is done, top it with 25g feta cheese (about 3 tablespoons worth) and fold it over.

3. Leave it in the pan for a bit to let the cheese melt.

4. Plate and enjoy.

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

29g protein
7g carbs
12g fat (from the feta and yolk)
5.2g fiber

And then? Well, then I ate it with all the gusto in the world. It was a savory feta-packed cross between an omelet and some good old fashioned pita bread. Mmm. With the feta it even kind of reminded me of a doughy Greek Tiropita. At the same time, it conjured up imaged of stuffed french toast which make me think that YES! I must try that next – with Protein Bread!

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