Sweet Potato & Coconut Protein Cake: A Tribute to Sweet Potato Greatness

Six slices of this cake were consumed alongside Nicola’s protein cheesecakes during our dinner party on Saturday. The other two slices? I gave them to Ben to take home. Why? Because the man was close to tears when he was eating his slice over dinner and I was moved by the spirituality of the whole scene. He had one of these slices on Sunday and the other on Monday. How do I know? Because a deluge of text messages began inundating my inbox; messages that went something like: ‘are you putting the recipe up on the blog?,’ ‘I need the recipe,’ ‘this cake is so good!!!,’ ‘when is the recipe going up????,’ ‘I’m eating the last slice, my God!’, ‘is the recipe up yet????’ Ah, hehe. I love it. I love it because I’m the same way about healthy AND delicious food: passionate bordering on unhinged.


4 cooked sweet potatoes (smallish)
2 whole eggs
1 egg white
1/2 cup sunwarrior’s warrior blend protein powder (you can sub this with vanilla casein or pea protein!)

3/8 cup yogurt (I used goat’s milk yogurt because Ben doesn’t do dairy but feel free to use a nice cow’s yogurt instead)
1/4 cup instant buckwheat (or oats)
1/8 cup coconut flour
1/4 cup toasted coconut (or coconut flakes)
1 tablespoon toffee flavdrops



1. Blended together and baked in a cake pan until fully cooked when you stab it with a fork – so, about 40 minutes – at 170 C (332 F)

2. For the topping, I just mixed 3/4 cup of goat’s milk yogurt + 1 tbsp of toffee flavdrops + 3 tbsps of coconut flour + 1 tbsp of ground almonds. I  layered that on top and around the cake and then grabbed 1 cup of fresh raspberries and placed them on top (to achieve greater aesthetics) –> BOOOM. The end product looked potatoish but don’t be put off by that. Sweet potatoes go SUCH a long way in (protein) baking! They’re kind of like pumpkin puree but possibly even better. They lend a sweetness and moistness to protein cakes (and protein pancakes!) that’s really hard to match. Mmmm, and combined with the coconut? Pure deliciousness, try it!

Macros per Serving (out of 8):

21.3g carbos
12.9g protein
9.1g fat

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PS: Please disregard the bad resolution of the photos. They don’t do the cake justice. You see, my camera skills go kaput when I take pictures without the presence of sunlight. It’s a curse, I’m kind of like a reverse-vampire when it comes to my photography – enlivened by light, disabled by darkness…

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