Inverted Quinoa Porridge Protein Cubes

The picture above pretty much captures the thought process behind this recipe. It all started with the idea of making some porridge with cake bits inside (I just figured, since I’m a big fan of ice cream with chunks of cake, I’d probably also love porridge with cake chunks). This, however, led to an even greater idea: “What if…. what if I were to invert the whole thing and stick the porridge INSIDE the cake?” Welcome to this recipe!


1/2 cup chocolate brown rice protein
3/4 cup liquid egg whites
3 tablespoons chocolate hemp protein powder
1 small cooked beetroot
1 tablespoon coconut flour
1/2 tablespoon baking soda


1. Blended together and baked at 170 C (338 F) for ~ 25 minutes

2. What I did with the batter above was bake it inside a mini loaf silicone pan. When it was ready, I cut each mini loaf in half to form cubes.

3. Then, I grabbed a knife and ‘dug’ a hole on the top each cube before turning to the porridge which I made by bringing 100ml of coconut milk to a boil with two tbsp of quinoa flakes. When the quinoa got nice and thick, I poured a bit of the porridge on the cake cubes, melted two squares of 90% dark chocolate, and topped the whole thing.

4. I then transferred the cubes to the freezer for ten minutes and then: done, ready. 

Macros per Serving (out of 12): 
6.4g protein
2.8g carbos (0.8g sugars)
1.4g fat (0.8g sat)
1.5g fiber!

“WHAT! Beetroot! YUCK! How can this cake be any GOOD with BEETROOT in it!?” Yeah, I know. I actually somewhat dislike beetroot on its own but I keep trying to love it so, what I do until I can handle it on its own is: I hide it.

This cake is a great example of how because it doesn’t take of beetroot. OK, maybe a tiiiiiiiiiiny bit but this tiiiiiiiiiny bit adds a delicious undertone to the cake. I know, it’s odd, but trust me – it’s fantastic! Try the above recipe and you’ll see what I mean (it yields one hell of a delicious chocolate protein sponge cake).

Result? Warahooo!! You basically bite through a layer of dark chocolate and BOOM: the sweet chocolateyness of the cake explodes with the creaminess of the porridge inside it and the whole thing leaves you warahoooooing! It’s really bizzare, I know, but wooopadoreeraaaa! It’s a great alternative for a dairy-free filling!

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