“Welcome to the Powders”

         “WHY, Anna, WHY?” she asked me, as she shifted her weight from one foot to the other, going through my cupboards as she spoke. “Why do you eat protein powders? I mean… what’s so GREAT about them?”


        At first I didn’t know what to say, which option to pick out amongst the many I found myself juggling in my head. This is a question I get fairly often and one I usually answer without having to even think it over. Suddenly however, there I was, not sure which answer to begin with. Should I talk about the benefits of high(er) protein diets? Should I bla bla bla about the convenience of using powders as protein supplements? Should I go into how great it is to cook with protein powders? Should I talk about the benefits of high(er) protein diets in the context of exercise in general and weight training in particular? Should I list all the great foods you can make with protein powders, list them in no apparent order? Should I…        But, before I could answer, she went on to add, “and why is it that do you have so many different kinds of protein powders? aren’t they all… pretty much the same?” No. “No they’re not”, I replied. “Why, let me walk you through the world of protein powders…” (Click on the drawing below)


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