The Mass Bar – A Trilayered Milk Chocolate, Caramel, & Nut Protein Bar

I dare someone to make this and not fall head over heels in love with it. Hell, I dare someone to make this and manage to keep their eyes open while experiencing this explosion of caramelish chocolate crunchiness. Zeus. It… Ah… No. No words!!! Let me start at the beginning: My plan was to make a Mass bar: a protein bar resembling a Mars bar (or, rather, a Snicker’s bar, ey?) I decided to call it a Mass Bar for two reasons: first, because it’s higher in calories, higher in carbs and higher in protein than my regular protein bars; second, because I made it using my chocolate Mass Blitz– one hell of a delicious powder sent over by Heather (<3).

I sketched the general idea on Paint and then went for it. By ‘went for it’ I mean that I paced around the kitchen for a while trying to decide how to execute it.

First was the caramel layer: how to make caramel without sugar? I thought about it for a while, opened the cupboards, closed them, opened them again, closed them, hum, hum, hum and then boom: dates. Dates and… BAM! Golden Syrup Promax Oats!!! That truly and absolutely sold me; I was convinced it would work.

Next was the nougat filling and the nuts – the main body of the bar. This, to me, was the easy part because I was set on using Mass Blitz + ground almonds + nuts so that was that.

Now, I coated the whole thing in Milk Chocolate. One could certainly USE dark chocolate but I was really trying to go for the full Mars/Snickers effect so it had to be milk chocolate (something’s gotta give, eh?)



Caramel layer

5 hawali dates
1/8 cup Promax Golden Syrup Breakfast Oats
1/8 cup~ish  water


1 cup Maxiraw Chocolate Mass Blitz
1/2 cup ground almonds
1/2 cup coconut milk   (could use cow’s instead though)

Nut Layer

1/2 cup mixed chopped nuts.

Chocolate Coating

1 bar milk chocolate (60 for top and 60 for bottom)


1. OK so first you get your caramel layer ready by mixing the dates and pow with a tiny bit of water, enough for it to get sticky together but not runny or watery (add a tbsp at a time).

2. Then, start melting 1/2 of the chocolate in a bain marie (a grass bowl on top of a pot with boiling water).

3. When it’s melted, pour it into some kind of baking thing to form five rectangles and put it in the freezer. The main reason I did this is so that the bars would have a kind of bed I could layer all the filling on before adding the final coating of chocolate. I did this because I wasn’t sure I could just dip my bars in the melted chocolate (because of all the layers).

4. I then threw the nuts in the mixed and pulsed for a couple of seconds to break them down some. When the chocolate was frozen solid, I moved on to the filling. For this, just mix all the choconougat filling ingredients together, adding the milk 1 tablespoon at a time until a pasty consistency is reached.

5. Proceed to melt the second half of the chocolate (again, in a bain marie). Layer up all the ingredients on the solid chocolate using some ground almonds to shape the mixture so it’s not TOO sticky. Finally, spoon the melted chocolate on top.

6. Throw them back in the freezer and: done. Oh! Dare I say they beat Mars and Snickers bars? Madness. Absolute madness. You get to the ‘caramel’ and: glory, but then oh! you keep going and it’s crunchy heaven and then BAM! chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!

Macros per Serving (out of 5):

18g protein
33.4g carbs (22g sugars/2.2g fiber)
17g fat (6g sat)