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Banana & Vanilla Protein Pancakes

What a kicking post-workout BOOM! to the system. Throwing ‘never say never’ to the wind, I confidently declare that I will never get sick of protein pancakes.


1 small banana (in truth, it was a big one, but only half made it into the batter (someone has a weakness for bananas))
1 small cooked sweet potato
1/2 cup egg whites in their liquid form
1/2 cup vanilla whey (I used this)


All blended together and fried up on a nonstick.

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

36g protein
37g carbo (17g sugars/4.9g fiber)
3g fat 

I blended this for a couple of minutes and watched the batter turn from a deeper to a lighter orange as the egg whites gained some volume. The pancakes end up really ‘creamy’ or, rather, fluffy, does that make sense? They’re not very bready, I mean. To make them ‘breadier’, one can always add some ground oats of quinoa flakes or coconut flour or ground almonds?

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