Spinach Protein Pancakes (topped with anchovies & medjools)

These little savory pancakes are really versatile – they can be topped with pretty much anything. I like to top mine with a tiny bit of anchovy paste + mayo + dates (an eccentric combination but one that never ceases to amaze me) but you can top yours with chicken, cheese, ham, or veggies, avocado, and/or humus. You can also, of course, enjoy them solo. Do try the anchovy + date + mayo combo though, especially if you feel like trying out a new combination. I honestly can’t recommend it enough. I actually ran into it by accident a couple of years ago and totally fell for it: the texture of the dates with the softness of the pancake, the saltiness of the anchovy and then BAM! The sweet sharpness of the mayo and the spinach tying it all together… *sigh*


135g liquid egg whites
30g oats or quinoa flakes
95g cottage cheese
40g fresh organic baby spinach
7g pea protein (this is optional but a nice way to add in extra POW)


1. Blend everything together.

2. Fry as small pancakes on a nonstick pan. 

Macros per mini pancake (out of 12): 23.8kcals, 3g protein, 2.1g carbs and 0.35g fat.

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