Protein Ice Cream Mocha Sandwiches

You could make this, really, with any protein cake that isn’t overly mushy.

The secret’s in the filling: quark + mocha whey protein + coconut flour. These babies up here are pretty much all protein (!) but you can make them cakier (and carbier) by adding e.g. flour to the cake mix, oats, quinoa flakes or well, whatever you like :-)

I wanted to make protein ice cream sandwiches to have as a dessert to my postworkout meal since it’s all hot over here and, well, these guys were perfect -> all smiles :-)))))))))))))

Ingredients for the cake:

160g egg whites
45g pea protein
30g quark
30g hemp
13g cocoa powder
1 shot of espresso >:-D Oh yeah >:-D

Ingredients for the filling:

20g mocha-flavored whey
10g coconut flour
40g quark


1. Baked. For 15/20 minutes at 150 celsius.

2. When done, it was allowed to cool down. When cool, I cut it into little squares and filled proceeded to sandwich the 20g mocha-flavored whey + 10g coconut flour + 40 quark.

3. Put them in the freezer and cabooooooooooom! Magnificent! I’m going to continue playing with the idea and the fillings until a perfect Klondike is arrived at: circular, cream-filled, boooming in protein :-D

Macros per Serving:

Whole cake
14g carbs (4.2g sugah/6.5g fiber)
72g protein
10g fat (2g sat)

The filling per whole cake
5g carbo (3.7g fiber)
20g protein
5.4g fat

 All in all it yields 8 squares or you could always just eat half the cake or, well, whatever the heart desired. Fun, no? :-)

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