Protein Bread Craziness

This may, quite frankly, be one of the best protein breads ever. I’ve made a whole bunch of protein breads and each of them has had its own charm but this one: damn! It’s the texture that was moist (I need to stop using the word ‘moist’ but I can’t think of any substitutes) and breadlike, soft and not at all dense like some protein breads come out being. It…was… heaven! And with eggs? Zeus. ZEUS! Egg mania in this house. To make this you need seven ingredients, whisked together, and baked.


119g liquid egg whites
23g pea protein
6g superveg
60g total Greek Yogurt
26g quinoa flakes
10g gojis
3g psyllium husks
Baking powder


Mix all ingredients and bake.

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

4g fat (0.3g saturated)
36g carbs (6g sugars/8.2g fiber)
42g protein

I got 5 slices out of it which, as you can tell, I used with some eggs fried in good old coconut oil. Result? Madness. AAA!! I want to turn back time and have breakfast again he he he :-)

How awesome IS it!?

Forgive the superlatives, but aaaah! It was delicious. Give it a shot and consider adding nuts and seeds to the batter for that extra booom, ahhh :-) Happy Saturday :-D

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