Banana Protein Ice Cream

This is actually really awesome because it confirms what I have been thinking might be possible all along: that you can freeze any protein/dairy concoction and turn it into bona die protein ice cream without an ice cream maker. 

This protein ice cream right has three ingredients + milk + optional flavoring and it’s so easy that anyone who is able to blend the ingredients and stir them can make it :-) To make this particular ice cream (which I thoroughly recommend because it turned out absolutely delightful) you will need:


2 bananas
1/2 tub quark or cottage cheese
A heaping scoop pea protein


1. Blend all the ingredients together and place in freezer.

2. Take out and stir every hour for 3-4 hours

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

10.6g fat
58g carbs (32g sugars/5.6g fiber)
41g protein

VOILA -> ice cream delicioussssssnes!!!! 

It’s incredible and what??? it’s basically just banana-carbs and protein :-)))))))) I added some toffee flavoring to the mix and some vanilla essence for an overall extra oy oy oy. Next time I make this, I’m throwing some pistachios in there or… pecans? or… oh! macadamia nuts!!! MMMMM! :-D :-D

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