Powderveg Protein Bread (A Burger)

This bread is made using superveg. What IS it? Well, superveg contains: Carrot + Red Beet + Mushroom + Broccoli + Cauliflower + Green Cabbage + Celeriac + Leek + Onion + Cucumber + Asparagus + Red Bell Pepper + Garlic.

Just for the files, I would NEVER eat powdered veg as a substitute to actual, fresh, preferably-organic, yummy, oh-smell-this, sliceable, touchable, can-you-believe-we-have-this-growing-around-?, crunchy, delicious -> VEGETABLES. I’m sampling the stuff you see, not as a veg substitute, I’m treating it as FLOUR.


21g pea protein
14g superveg powder
151g egg whites
18g chickpea flour
baking powder

Macros per Loaf:

37g protein
3g fat
5.4 g fiber

Should I have baked it in a bread mold? YES. It was an experiment though so I thought I’d go small.

Result? WOW!!!! It’s so soft and moist! Like a really freshly made bread’s heart (I used to always empty bread rolls and leave the crust, I called it the ‘bread’s heart’ to justify (though it didn’t) the otherwise rude behavior (“WHO left the crust and ATE all the bread!?”)), it’s savory but mild and veggie-like yet not overly so. Oy! I love it :-)))) Needless to say, I had it as a burger with some venison.

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