Even more Protein Bread

As you can tell if you’ve seen my other protein breads, the base is more or less always the same (liquid egg white, pea protein, bit of rice protein +/- coconut flour or quinoa flakes or now hulled hemp). Since I always play around with the recipe, the breads tend to be a bit different every time but always kind of the same (does that make sense?) so let your hair down and go crazy with it too :-) I particularly like throwing nuts and seeds in there and I forgot to do that here so if you make some, the more seeds in there the merrier in my opinion. Here’s some protein bread made out of:


128g liquid egg whites
26g pea protein powder
9g superveg
17g brown rice protein powder
26g hulled hemp seeds


Mix everything together and bake

Macros per serving (out of 1):

13.3g fat 
26g carbs (8.1g fiber)
56g protein

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