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Buckwheat Maca Blueberry Protein Pancakes with a Coconut Vanilla Whey Protein Syrup

They look kind of funny but oh well, can’t have it all. I made them after noticing a bag full of buckwheat flour in the cupboard sitting next to a packet of maca powder looking sad so I decided to use both for pancakes.


120g egg whites
240g blueberries
25g buckwheat
8g apple fiber
5g maca powder


1. Fried them up in coconut oil

2. topped with a ‘syrup’ made with a scoop of vanilla whey + half a banana + 5g of grated coconut. This was incredibly good and frosting-like -> oy!

Macros per Batch:

45g protein
50g carb (9.3g fiber)
10g fat

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