Fiorentina Pizza on Goat Whey Protein

The egg on top is there to signal that this was breakfast ;-) No, it’s a Fiorentina, my favorite kind of pizza… maybe next to a Hawaiian. I’m going to come clean and admit that this was an accident. I was trying to make crepes (ha!) and realized they were turning to pizza bases (can one say too much flour μήπως? hehe).


60g egg whites
19g goat whey
6g pea
5g nutritional yeast
25g buckwheat flour



1. Mix and cook on nonstick.

2. I let it sit overnight because I wanted it for breakfast and when the time came, I just topped it with tomato+garlic paste (I could say it was because I’m lazy – and sometimes, sure – but in truth I quite like using it for pizzas) + cooked spinach + mushrooms + 25g of mozarella.

3. As it was cooking, I breached the pizza’s privacy to crack an egg on top and grilled the whole thing (aka broiled it). Result? Well, it had that goat-cheesiness to it that I really liked. It turned out crunchy and quite nice.

Macros per Pizza:

30g protein
25g carb (4g fiber)
2.5g fat

The only thing I think I should have done was to add a whole egg to the pizza base but that aside, yuuum. Now, throw some eggs and cheese whatever else you like on there and start playing around with the stats :-)