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A Protein Greek Style Mocha Frappe

I really like this video and find it helps to see it being done the ‘right’ and ‘traditional’ way first. The dude gives a pretty good run through of the whole process:

My goal, for this recipe, was to proteinize Greece’s Holy-Zeus-is-this-delicious Frappe. I’ve made frappes for ages but never with protein powder. I’ve made lots of protein espresso based drinks (mochas, lattes, cappuccinos, etc) but never frappes.

First I tried adding some whey to the instant coffee before shaking that pretty vigorously with some cold cold water. That did NOT work so I just made a regular frappe and poured the lovely foam into a glass before pouring in some chocolate whey + water (aka an unshaken chocolate protein shake) and letting it sit for a minute (that’s the pic above).

Problem was that, because my arms are really sore this morning, my shaking turned out not as hale and hearty as it should have been – I mean you got to SHAKE that thing like a maniac – so yeah, when you do it do it right and you will be left with a LOT more foam (like the guy in the video)! Anyways, you get the idea :-)

Ratios are important here, as is, in my opinion, the type of instant coffee. For some reason I always find Nestle’s works best but play around with whatever you have around to see. I tend to stick to 2 teaspoons of instant and 3-4 tablespoons of water (=


2 teaspoons instant coffee
2-4 tablespoons water


1. Mix coffee and water.

2. If you want to add sugar here, add sugar (I don’t). Shake for the life of you.

3. Pour into a glass and stir in whatever liquid you’re using (protein+water or protein+milk)).

Macros per Serving: N/A

PS – take your shaking seriously.

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