A Corn Protein Blown up Omelet


corn on the cob
2 egg whites
7g psyllium husk
peanut butter


1. Corn on the cob cooked and destroyed onto a bowl + 2 egg whites + 7g psyllium husks.

2. Fried in coconut oil.

3. I wanted to make an Elvis burger but then noticed: No Bananas :-( So, I improvised. Kept the peanut butter but added some asparagus: not the same (obviously).

The ‘bun’ was more like a blown up omelet so maybe I should have cut the burger in half and had the corn omelet between it, he he. Anyways, interesting idea worth continuing to play with as it appears that the husks really fluffs up the egg in an exciting way :-)

Macros per Serving: N/A