Fish & Pea Protein Stuffed Tomatoes with Avocado

If you guys have pea protein around and a can of sardines, this must be made. It may sound slightly odd but it works, oh does it work, and who doesn’t like eating a whole bunch of tomatoes? You can stuff cherry tomatoes too, if you want to eat even MORE tomatoes or if say, it’s a party or something? whip these babies out!


1 can sardines (in brine)
14g pea protein
half an onion
lime juice
10g mayonnaise
tiiiny bit of coconut milk
sea salt


1. Mush it all up.

2. Scoop the tomatoes, fill them up, and give them an avocado underhat (I used half an avocado for six medium-sized toms).

3. To have more of the ‘crunch’ you can always dice the onion and add it after mushing the above. Anyways I know, it sounds funky but it’s such a treat :-)

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

35g protein
26g carb (out of which 9g fiber)
14g fat

If you have little tomatoes, you can eat them whole for an explosion of flavor, if they’re medium (like the ones in the pic), I just cut them in half and in they go.

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