Egg White Powder Venison & Mushroom Omelet

I realized I seldom post recipes using egg white protein powder. Well, that’s soon going to change because Waitrose appears to have stopped stocking liquid egg whites (*grrrrr*) and I cannot any more deal with throwing yolks away (“mother Nature cries when an egg yolk hits the bin” or so it goes).

Also, I have a massive amount of the EPP and actually quite like using it so yehaw.


1 scoop egg white powder
chestnut mushrooms
2 venison sausages


1. This is an omelet made with a scoop of egg white powder (36g) (brought back to life by mixing it with good old water).

2. I cooked it with a bunch of chestnut mushrooms and two venison sausages, all at the end acting as a bed to a poached ‘intelligent’ egg (an egg that left me wondering why its yolk, unlike the other ones in the carton, came out yellow instead of that whoa-orange).

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

56g protein
11g fat
5g carbs (2g fiber)

Anyways, tuned out really good. Thing with the powdered egg whites being ‘reconstituted’ though is that you have to mix the right amount of water so they don’t come out rubbery and not-so-pleasant.