Tempeh Cheeze Shirataki



108g tempeh
34g pea protein
14g extra virgin olive oil
16g nutritional yeast
4g golden linseeds
2g hemp seeds
coconut milk
shirataki noodles
sharp cheddar


1. 108g of tempeh, cut up and lightly fried on a nonstick.

2. In a bowl, 34g pea protein, blended with 14g extra virgin olive oil and 16g of nutritional yeast + 4g golden linseeds and 2g hemp seeds.

3. I mixed up all this with a bit of coconut milk until it was creamy and then mixed it in with 30g of shirataki which had ‘flash boiled.’ Sea salt then went in there, a bit of nutmeg and salt.

4. I added then 19 of sharp cheese, grated –> MMM!!!!!! –> A MASSIVE and I mean MASSIVE bowl of pasta ensued (basically two heaping bowls)

Macros per Serving (out of 2):

57.7g protein
29g carbo (10g fiber)
32g fat


It’s worth bearing in mind that things like tofu and tempeh have a totally different soybean profile. In the case of the latter, because of the fermentation process, one ends up eating lots of rhizopus moulds which have all these properties and so on. Personally, I find the mildness of tempeh to be quite pleasant BUT am still not a lover of soybeans. This pasta can and will be made in the future with mushrooms instead of tempeh and here I’m thinking some ham maybe, mm and a whole egg… mmmm….carbonara… mmm