Protein Carrot Cake Cake

Oh la la la!!! :-))) Mmmmm!! OK. So the whole thing was more or less improvised so feel free to tweak whateva.


Mix first –
43g brown rice protein
15g vanilla whey
27g coconut flour
25g ground almonds
1 banana
2 egg whites
1 egg

16g gojis
135g grated carrots
5g chia seeds
cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla essence


1. Mix the top ingredients first.

2. When all was mixed, I added 16g of gojis and 135g of grated carrots and mixed this with a fork (because you don’t want to mess with the texture of the grated carrots of course) adding here 5g of chia seeds, ground cloves, some nutmeg, cinnamon and a hefty serving of vanilla essence (because, can there be too much vanilla?).

3. Divided it into two little round baking trays and into the oven that went for about 20 minutes or so at about 170 degrees C (so medium/high-ish heat).

Anyways that was that. When it came out, I was faced with the issue of frosting because I wanted to use mascarpone/whey but realized I didn’t have mascarpone so I improvised by making it with:

Icing ingredients:

23g quinoa flakes
6g vanilla whey
4g of chias boiled
hemp milk


1. Mix the first 3 ingredients.

2. Simmer in hemp milk.

Turned out looking kind of funny BUT wow – delicious!!! Maybe next time, I’ll make it a bit thicker though – more ‘frosting-like.’ That aside, uuuuf, it was crazy good! I had a slice with some peanut butter, just to see and decided that yes, next time, I might add some PB to the mix because it’s great combo. Anyways waaaa, delicious, JUST delicious.

Macros per Cake:

Without frosting=
only 850kcals
a killer 82g of protein
54g carbo (25.2g fiber)
27g fat (of which only 6.5g sat)

Add my funky frosting and you’d be adding…
7g protein
22g carbo (4.5g fiber)
8.8g fat 

Like I said, play around with it, add what you like and take away what you don’t (e.g. I didn’t add raisins because I passionately dislike them but you might want to add them. Also, I was going to add walnuts but remembered that too late and if you don’t like quinoa, you maybe use oats? ground almonds? coconut?)

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