Extra Protein Chicken Liver Pâté

Oh My God. Pâté!

First, The case for Chicken Livers: Chicken livers are packed full of vitamins and minerals. PACKED. Per 100g of the stuff you get:

Vitamin B12 – 352%, Vitamin A -288%, Vitamin A -288%, Riboflavin -136%, Selenium – 126%, Selenium – 126%, Selenium – 126%…

Madness. Anyways, in addition to THAT, the stuff is T-A-S-T-Y. Making your own pate is a piece of cake, really.


2 red onions
orange rind
380g chicken livers
17g pea protein
55g coconut milk


1. Sliced 2 big red onions. On the pan they went to together with pepper, thyme, sage, and sea salt. Added chopped garlic AND VERY IMPORTANT HERE: Orange Rind (just sliced a couple of sides of an orange, rough slices and throw them in there <— this lets it get sweet and really uhmph).

2. Let the stuff cook, cook, cook until the pan got super hot and then BAM: some soy sauce (sizzle, sizzle, sizzzzzle). Cover it and let it cook on low heat.

3. When caramelized right, turn the heat back up and throw in there your higados (I used 380g of chicken livers). When cooked, blend it until smooth, orange rind and all.

4. Now, I threw in there 17g of pea protein and 55g of coconut milk just to see and :-D! Stick it then in the fridge or eat it right away if you don’t mind the idea of hot pate hehe :-)

5. When serving it on toast, sprinkle some extra virgin olive oil after the pate – heaven on toast, heaven.

Macros per Serving: N/A

PS – if you have anchovy paste handy, which I didn’t, consider adding some to the pate, gives it an added dimension of craziness ;-)

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