Venison Pigs in Protein Blankets

I never buy sausages but when I saw these, given my love of Venison, I couldn’t say no. They’re 85% venison, the rest is ‘rusk’, onion, merlot (!!), soft brown sugar, herbs, orange zest, garlic, juniper berries and ginger. I mean, come on! Mmmm! 

Anyways, saw these, HAD to have them, grilled them, blanketed them and BAM! – delighhhhttt! I used a slice of Leerdamen Light to slick the ‘pig’ to the ‘blanket’

Ingredients of Blanket:

25g pea protein
118g egg whites
5g nutritional yeast

Macros per Serving:

Two of these babies =
19.1g protein
2.7g carbos (1g sugar/1.1g fiber)
3.2 fat (1.8sat) 

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