Pea Protein Mushroom & Leek Soup with Pea Protein Blueberry Bread

Did you know some people use pea protein protein powder to make protein shakes? Hmmmm :-/ When I first bought it, I was looking for ways to eat it and actually ran into quite a few “blend it with a banana – it kind of masks the pea taste” and “it’s bearable with cocoa.”

Both of these combination are seriously…. yuck.

Pea protein actually gives food a very rich taste that isn’t overwhelmingly ‘pea-ish’, it’s just thick and veggie and mmm. It’s a great way to up the protein content of foods that usually aren’t high in protein. It goes great, for instance, in vegetable soup!


6 big mushrooms
1 big leek
soy sauce
splash coconut milk
hemp milk
13g pea protein
extra virgin olive oil


1. Panfry mushrooms and leek in a nonstick with soy sauce and, later, a splash of coconut milk.

2. When cooked, they were blended with hemp milk and 13g of pea protein until the desired consistency of the soup was attained (I hate watery soups so mine was thick).

3. It was then topped with some parsley and extra virgin olive oil.

Little bread ingredients:

74g liquid egg whites (so, 2 egg whites)
13g pea protein
16g quinoa flakes
15g ground almonds
10g blueberries
baking powder


1. Mix

2. Bake them for a few minutes until they’re cooked.

I topped one of them with homemade walnut butter and the other one was eaten with the soup, mmmm!

Macros per Serving:

2 breads ~
24.3g protein
14.6g carb (3.6 fiber)
10g fat 

Soup ~
18.7g protein,
18.2g carbos (6.1 fiber)
15.7g fat 

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