Protein Caraway Bread, Extra Virgin Olive Oil & an Egg

My grandma is always giving me her you-don’t-eat-enough-olive-oil-!-chat, beating me with lecture upon lecture on its health benefits and almost miraculous nature: “I am 86! and look at me! I look 70 and a picture of health!”

I always say “γιαγιά, I do know, trust me, I love it too!” but, to deaf ears because anything below a cup a day n’est pas suffi hehe. I did however realize that not many of my recipes on here feature extra virgin olive oil so I decided it was time for a homage to be paid (βλεπεις γιαγια?).

Thought about it long and hard…something that would soak up the oil and make it sing without masking its flavor, something high in protein and a good compliment to the oil’s sweet and nutty undertones. Aha! BREAD. Specifically, quinoa, pea, brown rice, egg, and ooo la la la caraway! uhmph! Yes, it was an experiment and WHOA did it work! It soaked up the olive oil and the egg (ooo) like a dream and with a little pepper? Well well well! 


163g liquid whites
18g coconut flour
50g quinoa flakes
24g pea protein
7g golden linseeds
15g rice protein powder
one little egg :-)


Making this bread took what, 5 minutes plus 15-20 in the oven at 150 degrees?

Macros per loaf:

65g protein
45g carbos (17g fiber)
14g fat 

It yields 9 slices.

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