A High Protein Croque Madame

The experiment has been completed. Result? It was aight! It was good but there were two problems:

1. should have used ham instead of turkey quorn (obviously),

2. should have used a different heat for the croqueing of the Madame because my cheese didn’t all melt.

Aside from this, oh was it fun to make and delicious! I hadn’t bought Gruyere in a while and that cheese deserves whole arias.

So I made the bread, fried it in coconut oil with Gruyèreand the Quorn inside. When ready I controversially made some bechamel sauce with pea protein and a bunch of nutritional yeast (+coconut milk to hold it together).

I used two slices of my protein bread for it which was made avec:


48g egg whites
31g brown rice protein
28g pea protein
25ml coconut milk
8g hemp seeds
2g linseeds
7g nutritional yeast
22g coconut flour

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

70g protein (!!)
18.6g carbos (10.5g fiber)
22g fats

Half of the loaf alone (so 5 slices)
35.7g protein
9.7g carb (6.7g fiber)
6g fat 

I love experiments like this :-))))

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