Almond Butter Crunch


66g homemade almond butter
41g brown rice protein
33g vanilla whey
36g quinoa flakes
vanilla extract
52g toasted oat bran


1. Mix the first 6 ingredients.

2. Roll up in 52g toasted oat bran (which is actually, for a ballooned up cereal, pretty nice in its crunchiness and in moderation – ingredients: oatbran (100%), antioxidants (tocopherols)).

Macros per Serving (out of 16):

4.7g carbos (0.2g sugar/1.2g fiber)
5.02g protein
3.1g fat (0.35g sat) 

The above makes 16 ‘truffles’.

I think I should have put the toasted bran inside and rolled the babies up in cocoa or coconut (that way they’re crunchy on the inside and dry on the outside).

Also, I think I should have added another scoop of protein because they’re too whoa-almond-butter-galore-!. Anyways, PLAY AROUND WITH THE RECIPE. It’s a waste of tin foil, I know, but wrapped up like candy, well, they’re more fun ;-)

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