Turkey, Egg & Veg Shirataki Noodles

How can you photograph Shirataki noodles and make them look as tasty as they actually are? Maybe because noodles are often served in soup, this is not often an issue? Oh well, they are seriously amazing. I hope I have managed to make at least one person out there aware of these noodles who didn’t know they existed; it’s all about sharing the wealth as it were.

Shirataki noodles are basically calorie free containing pretty much just fiber and are an awesome substitute to pasta and noodle dishes! I’m serious. Go out there and get some and if they’re nowhere to be found , ask me to ship some to you (that’s how much I love the stuff).


red onion
70g minced turkey
70g liquid egg whites
10g pea protein
soy sauce
Shirataki noodles


1. Brown some chopped red onion with garlic, throw in 70g of minced turkey (I had some saved up from last night so this step could be avoided if you’re forward thinking or happen to make too much the night before hehe).

2. Once cooked, add 70g of liquid egg whites. Cook it on medium heat until the bottom starts to brown (so the egg gets kind of crispy).

3. When done, mix it with 10g of pea protein and condiment it with a good amount of soy sauce. Then, rinse your noodles with cold and then boiling water to totally destroy the taste of the liquid they come bathed in.

4. Mix the turkey et al with the noodles and voila. (I like mixing in some mature cheddar in there).

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

32g protein
12g carbs (2.1g fiber)
9.4 fat 

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