Pumpkin Protein Souffle

Once upon a time, someone was ready and looking forward to making protein pumpkin pie. She opened her cupboard and took out some vanilla whey, opened a can of pumpkin puree and then walked towards the fridge to take out some liquid egg whites.

Realizing she was out of egg whites, she pulled out a box of the powdered kind.


28g powdered eggs
100g pumpkin
1 scoop vanilla whey
splash of hemp milk


1. Beat 28g of powdered eggs until the bowl began to look ridiculous.

2. When they are fully meringued and massive, in a different bowl she blended in 100g pumpkin with a scoop vanilla whey and some hemp milk.

3. Then, proceed to blend the pumpkin/whey into the egg whites without spilling all the egg whites out of the bowl.

4. Fill a bread baking tin (should have used ramekins for the souffle effect though) with the mixture and proceeded to eat the rest out of the bowl (mmm).

Result? A massive protein pumpkin souffle!

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

324 kcals
47g protein
18g carb (6.2 fiber)

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