Protein Tortilla Chips

In lieu of the fact that the Suberbowl is tonight (even though it’s not on till extremely late here in the UK), today is a good day for snack-type food! And what more versatile in the world of snacks than tortilla chips, right? Especially high-protein tortilla chips? ;-) The beauty of making your own tortilla chips is that you can condiment them however you like: make them spicy, fajita-flavored, ‘pizza-flavored’, ‘cheesy’, etc, etc, etc. These here on the left are plain, waiting to be transformed into Nachos when the beef, black beans and salsa make their appearance tonight. What’s in them? 


166g liquid egg whites
66g chickpea flour
10g psyllium husks
3g wheat bran
8g golden linseeds
2g hemp seeds

C’est tout!


1. Well, first you mix all of the above.

2. Then, on a non-stick pan, you spread the mixture as thiiiiinly as you possibly can (use a spoon). you then: flip it, plate it, NEXT!, spread mixture thinly, flip it, plate it, NEXT!, and so on (basically – it’s like making crepes).

3. When they’re all done, you slice them into triangles and bake them in the over under high heat (I added some sea salt before baking for the crunch and saltiness of tortilla chips; one can also spray with olive oil or, really, with whatever floats one’s bo’t).

4. Take them out when they look ready and bam – finito :-)

Macros per Serving (out of 1) 

33.4g protein
48.7g carbos (19.9g fiber)
10.4g fat

Makes approximately 35 chips


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