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Crazy Morning Protein Pancakes – by Monica R.

4One morning my hubby calls me coming home from the gym to please make him some pancakes. I said yes before I realised I was out of cottage cheese and my usual recipe for protein pancakes required cottage cheese. So I quickly improvised with some yoghurt but the batter turned out too thin. To make it thicker I added some chestnut flour. The result was still a bit on the thin side, but they turned out great. I was really happy with the results. And so was my hubby as he devoured them all.


40 gram banana whey protein
20 gram baby oat flakes
1 egg
150 gram yoghurt
30 gram chestnut flour


Mix everything in a blender and fry in a hot pan with some coconut oil. Eat while hot with some peanut butter or maple syrup.


Macros per Serving (out of 1): N/A

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