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Strawberry Protein Cheesecake by Aniko B.

Ingredients (for a 20 cm diameter springform tin):

70 g ground walnuts
250 g smooth cottage cheese
300 g low fat yogurt
2 whole eggs
2 egg whites
50 g coconut flour
60 g vanilla whey (I used Biotech’s bourbon vanilla)
200 g strawberries
25 g coconut oil
18 g cocoa powder
sweetener of choice


1. Add the ground walnuts on the bottom of a springform tin and flatten them.

2. Put the strawberries into a small saucepan. Bring to a boil, then wait for 1-2 minutes. After that mix your strawberries with a blender – or a fork if you prefer it more rustic. (If your strawberries are soft and ripe you don’t have to cook them… it just softens them up a little.)

3. Mix the cottage cheese, the yogurt, the eggs and the egg whites with the coconut flour and the vanilla whey. Add some sweetener if needed. Blend it until you got a smooth batter.

4. Mix the strawberry sauce into your batter. You can get a nice pink batter if you mix it well or you can make it marblelike with a fork.

5. Pour the batter on top of the walnuts.

6. Bake it at 170 C for about 35 minutes.

7. After it cooled down a bit coat the top with some dark chocolate. For this I mixed the melted coconut oil with the cocoa and a little 0kcal sweeter, it makes a really dark chocolate. But you can just use 30 g melted dark chocolate if you prefer.

Macros per Serving (out of 6): 

290 kcal
24 g protein
11 g carbs
17 g fat (mostly from the walnut and the chocolate)

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