Cucumber Protein Cheesecake by Angie G.

Ingredients for Layer 1

10 gram Cashews
2 Wasa high fiber crackers(Knäckebröd)
30 gram All Bran plus cereal


1. Mix the cashews, Wasa Knäckebröd and the Cereal with a  Blender(I used a  immersion blender – due to lack of better). Add a bit of water to the blend, to make it a bit more sticky.

2. Put the blended mass in the cake form and push it a bit down on the bottom so it because a solid layer(I used a  springform from 16cm – mini cheese cake).

Ingredients for Layer 2:

350 gram Total fage 0%
45 gram Vanille Whey protein powder
3 leaves gelatin
1 bag green tea


1. Place the gelatin leave in water for about 5 minutes, to soften them.

2. Make a cup of green tea, with 80ml water, put the gelatin leave in and sir till the leaves are resolved completely.

3. Add the Greek yoghurt and Whey and blend it all together. Poor the mass in the springform.

Ingredients for Layer 3

100 gram Total Fage 0%
15 gram walnuts
¼ cucumber


1. Blend the Greek Yoghurt, Walnuts, basil and cucumber with a blender. I only used the skin of the cucumber – most tasteful – and otherwise I might get a bit to wet or thin.

2. Distribute on to the 2nd layer and refrigerator for about 3 hours on the lowest temperature.

3. Cut a cake in 4 pieces add some more walnuts and ENJOY a little Healthy high protein cucumber dream…

J (in the eyes of a cucumber addicted – heavenly.)

Macros per Serving (out of 4):

182 kcal
24g protein
11g carbs
4 fat

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